Elegantly dressed

The Breda has a sophisticated appearance. A fashionable chicken that is a layer breed in a class of their own!
A great Canadian choice for our harsh climate, as they have no comb! The legs are heavily feathers right down to the toes. Cool looking vulture hocks are also present. Strong thighs with a broad sloping back and a short well arched neck. The beak is stout and well curved. A small and very cute tuft can be seen on the top of the head. Breda's also have sport really neat looking cavernous nostrils. Can't forget to mention that these shy birds are very sweet. They can be tamed and are a joy to keep. Photos cannot seem to display the natural beauty the posses. 
Once a very common bird, is now extremely rare.The survival of these birds mainly depends on hobby breeders and those that keep them.