Button Quail

cute as a button- literally! 


The farm currently breeds three lines of button or another name is Chinese Painted Quails. The pens are very diverse in the assortment of colors, which is not all shown in the photos.
 Button quail can be kept as pets or aviary birds. They are peaceful and easy to tame from hatch.  They may even enjoy a little gentle  scratch under the chin.  They are not cuddly birds, but their antics are amusing and their size and quietness make them an easy-to-care-for pet.
 Button quail lay tiny eggs that vary in shades of green, brown, tan, purple hues etc. Some have speckles and some very little.
The Chinese Painted Quails come in several colors from blue to brown, silver, white, white and brown, grey, grey white brown blue, and more.
These are small running birds avoid flying. They can fly short distances. To avoid injury or losing a button, clip the feathers on one wing.
 Buttons grow quickly!  They are sexually mature in just six weeks after hatching! You can expect eggs at this time.
Breeding pairs require a minimum of four square feet of floor space. Being confined to a smaller space is likely going to result in aggressive behavior towards each other  The female needs a place to "get away" from her mate, so in addition to sufficient floor space, hiding places should be provided to make her feel secure. Natural tree branches or pine clippings is just one example.
   The hen is slightly larger and plumper than the male, averaging 5 inches in length, while the male is usually around 4.5 inches long. Color: Males are generally more colorful than the female.

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