Norwegian Jaerhon

pint-sized surprise!

Small Bird-BIg EGGS

Norwegian Jaerhon (standard) Developed in Norway in the 1920's from a selected pair of birds which had already been in development for 30 years. Norway has a gene bank to preserve this breed.
Jaerhons are single combed, hardy little birds with high egg production. They are not much larger than a bantam. Eggs are large in size and are white to tinted. Pullets lay at approx. 5 months old.
This rare breed doesn't require much feed, especially if left to foreage. They foreage extremely well and can evade predators. Norwegian Jaerhon can fly a good distance and are known escape artists. They also do fine in confinement. (Covered run)
Jaerhons are auto sexing at hatch.
There are 2 varieties. Light and dark. We breed the dark variety.
Jaerhons are adaptable to any weather type.
The breed is a good entry level choice as they are easy keepers. Easy to handle and very quiet chickens. They can also be tamed.
Hens do not go broody as this trait has been bred out.
Cocks are non aggressive towards humans and treat their hens very well. The hens in turn groom their mate and will preen the areas that are difficult for him to reach.

 Weight- 3.5 lbs to 5 lbs.