REd Jungle Fowl

where it all began

The beginning 

It is said that the Red Jungle Fowl is one of the fowls responsible for laying the foundation to all chicken varieties today.
 The cocks are lit up bright with beautiful outstanding plumage. These are excellent free ranging birds, as it comes very natural to them. They are at their best in free range setting. Due to their smaller size, they are able to get a bit of flight and evade predators better than heavier breeds. They gain most of their feed intake from foraging, however supplementation is always required for domesticated breeds. If you are looking for an old breed that still has some of the old instinct from their wild ancestry, the Red Jungle Fowl is a good choice. They have been domestic for 9,000 years so they are not completely wild, but do have very strong instincts on staying safe and forage extremely well by going further distances than some other breeds. They will however, come back to the coop to perch for the night. Red Jungle Fowl prefer high perches.
Hens go broody and make excellent mothers, as well as the cock who joins in for his family responsibilities. He very much enjoys a family unit and takes great pride in it.
They are not aggressive towards humans but prefer to keep their distance.

The hens can lay over 250 medium sized lightly tinted eggs per year. The birds have been raised in the Canadian climate for some time and do well year round no matter the climate. Combs may need tending to if frost bitten.
The Red Jungle Fowl is becoming increasingly rare and hard to find, do don't miss out as they are a  beautiful sight to behold on an acreage with many benefits such as keeping the wood tick population down.

If you are interested in keeping Red Jungle Fowl, please visit the online store for hatching eggs or chicks.
Quantities are very limited as only a small flock is generally kept.

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