The arrival 

The Rosecomb Rhode Island white has finally made its way to Canada.
Directly imported by our farm in 2017. This extremely rare and critically endangered variety is exceptionally hardy.
It is important to note that the Rhode Island White is not the same breed as the Rhode Island Red. BBFimported Rosecomb Rhode Island white and not Single come. This is an extremely rare breed and the farm was the first in Canada to import these birds.
Highly recommended for novice or experienced poultry raisers as chicks are easy to grow.
Weight ranges from 6.5 lbs to 8.5 lbs.
 This dual purpose bird is excellent for meat, as its breast is deep and full.
They are reputed to be of excellent meat quality and are used as meat birds for our farm table as well as Bresse and indian game.
The white plumage is attractive to those wanting to raise heritage meat birds.
The RIW can lay up to 250 eggs per year.
Crossing RIW with RIR produces sex links called cinnamon queens.

Experiments have shown that some strains can lay up to 306 eggs per year.  
Pleasant easy going birds that are truly a dual purpose heritage choice.

THe RRIW carries the  DESIRABLE silver gene.  This means some birds may present a black feather in their plumage.