Inquisitive & Friendly


Rare and Beautiful

The most endearing feature of this breed is the inquisitive nature. The Vorwerk is always curious of you and wanting to interact. Friendly and calm in nature. Easy to handle and tame.Non flighty birds that are most endearing. They don't require much space. Hens lay a good amount of medium sized tinted eggs. They can be used for Dual purpose. They are hardy, alert and active. Fast to grow and mature quickly. Excellent foragers and low feed ratio. Vorwerks are considered a cold hardy breed. Cocks are tolerant of each other and you can keep more than one in the pen. The breed originates from the 1900's in Germany. Oskar Vowerks mission was to create a very attractive bird that was easy to raise with good laying ability and good sized meat. He created a medium sized utilitarian fowl with the belted pattern of the Lakenverlder. The breeds used in the creation of the Vorwerk were the Andalusian, Buff Sussex, Buff Orpington and Lakenvelder.  This powerful chicken is a compact bird. The breast is deep and rounded. The head is broad and the face well feathered. The comb is medium sized. Earlobes are white with medium length waddles. Slate blue legs with 4 toes. The head, neck and tail are solid black with the body being a rich buff. Eyes are orange red and skin is slate gray.  Weight: Cocks 2.5-3.0 kg Hens 2.0-2.5 kg These are not to be confused with the Lakenvelder breed. To find out if you have an authentic Vorwerk, check the under fluff as it will be grey. Lakenvelders will have white under fluff and not as golden in color as the vorwerk.  We also offer the Bantam Vowerk created in the U.S. Breezy Bird Farms was the first to legally import the Bantam Vowerk into Canada

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