Chicks and Hatching eggs offered year round if available


This chilean origin breed lays beautiful blue medium/large size eggs. What makes them so unique is some will hatch with tufts, which add a lot of charm! We also have some that will hatch out rumpless. That's right, No tail!
We started with a very mixed stock from a few breeders. Starting out from ground level,  as the aruacana is very difficult to obtain and it very rare today. 
The Araucana (Spanish: Gallina Mapuche) is a breed of domestic chicken from Chile. Its name derives from the Araucanía region of Chile where it is believed to have originated. It lays blue-shelled eggs, one of very few breeds that do so. Breed standards for the Araucana vary from country to country.
Because of the rarity of this breed, the Araucana is hard to come by in Canada. Many hatcheries have chosen not to breed them due to hatch rate issues that are caused by genetics. Most blue egg layers sold by hatcheries are the Easter Egger, or the Ameraucana. So, if you are looking to add the Araucana breed to your flock, you will most likely need to consult with a breeder who is working on developing the breed.

 The program here at the farm is progressing slowly. In 2020 there will be very few offered. We have selected a small amount of qualifying breeders. We are working on improving our stock towards the American standard, as their are two very distinct standards. This is a definite  unique addition  to your flock that will lay an abundant amount of  blue and possibly green eggs

Recognized variety: Black, Black Breasted Red, Golden Duckwing, Silver Duckwing, white,  
The farm breeds only white.
Egg color: Blue
Origin: Chile
Adult male weight (lbs.): 5
Adult female weight (lbs.): 4 – 4