Exchequer Leghorn

A Beautiful and rare Leghorn 


 Beauty without the Beast

Its true. The Cocks are friendly and you will be amazed with the beauty! Their distinctive black and white plumage enhances the already handsome appearance of a leghorn. What leghorns do best is lay eggs, and the Exchequer is no exception. They are nearly as prolific as the white leghorn. A good hen will average about 5 large white eggs per week.

 This is a lightweight chicken, females reaching only about 4 1/2 pounds at maturity. A mature male will weigh up to 6 pounds. Like other leghorns, the Exchequer is quite slim with long tail feathers and a large comb. The legs are yellow and are not feathered. Body feathers are soft and evenly checkered black and white all over. The underlying color is white. The large comb adds to the bird's elegant appearance but can suffer frostbite in very cold weather, so this bird does better with adequate shelter. Otherwise, the Exchequer Leghorn will adapt to most living conditions. This is a healthy bird, on the whole.