Guinea Fowl

guinea fowl in canada


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guinea fowl, guinea fowl hatching eggs, keets


Guinea Fowl originate from the Helmeted Guinea Fowl in Africa. Now domesticated and used with great purpose. Guinea Fowl are kept for many important farm related reasons. Not only are they good dual purpose birds that can provide your table with meat and delicious eggs, they are found to be most beneficial for your farm or property. 

Guinea Fowl sound an alarm whenever anything unusual occurs on the farm.The sound discourages predators from invading the area. It may take a bit of getting used to their very talkative nature, but many love the life they bring to a farm. They are quite entertaining to watch forage, they will eat very little feed if left to forage freely. Making them extremely cost efficient on your feed bill.

The Guineas are an effective means of natural pest control. Flocks will generally kill and eat mice and small rats. Their use in controlling insects are well respected as they also do not destroy vegetable gardens or flowers as poultry can sometimes do. Their favourite meal on the menu is wood ticks and will very happily rid your property of them if your flock is large enough. They will travel in the tall grass without fear to search. They also love crickets, grasshoppers and flies. 

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Guinea Fowl Colour Chart 

Chart Credit- Dana Manchester

Guinea Fowl Color Guinea Chart


Guinea Fowl Colours in our Breeding flock 

Royal Purple - Dark black color with a lovely purple sheen. They do not have regular dotting, but do have some dotting and barring in the flank area. These are magnificently handsome beauties.

Lavender - lavender with pearling over the entire body. 

Porcelain - These are very pale pastel blue with white dots. This is a dilute of the lavender, very rare.

Brown - Pearling is quite bold with dark brown areas mixed with light tan colour. Fully spotted.

Chocolate -  Similar to Brown displaying less pearling- brown color in more patches.

Opaline - Near - white colour with pale icy blue cast- very faint pearlying on wings and flanks -semi spotted. Also very rare.

Coral Blue- A dilute of the coral blue which tends to be darker on the neck, breast and back. A beautiful sky blue. These have a few dots and bars in the flank area and are very colourful.

Ivory - Solid color between buff and white with no pearling.

Slate - Steel gray color with cream highlites over the shoulder/back. Faint pearling. 

Cinnamon - Paler than brown but deeper than buff Dundotte. Full spotted. 

Pearl Gray - The Original color of guinea fowl. Dark gray background with white pearling on the body.

Blond - Soft brown color. Lighter than chocolate but deeper than buff. Semi- spotted. 

Also: violet,buff, Dundotte , Dunne, Lite sky, lite coral and lite lavender. 

****You may receive colors not listed here****

All Guinea run together. 

Guineas are sold straightrun.