The Italian 


 Beauty without the Beast

Originally these beautiful birds were called Italians, but this was changed over the years to Leghorns.
Its true. The Cocks are friendly and you will be amazed with the beauty!  What leghorns do best is lay eggs
 This is a lightweight chicken, females reaching only about 4 1/2 pounds at maturity. A mature male will weigh up to 6 pounds.
The exact origins of the Leghorn are unknown. There were several small breeds of land race chickens in the Tuscany region of Italy and from these the Leghorn was born.
They are a busy, intelligent and active bird that likes to forage. They are good flyers and will roost in trees if allowed. They can be a bit noisy as they do like to chat away. This brings life and charm to the farm.

Leghorns are very active, and highly ambitious chickens. These chickens always willing to work, hunting and scratching. On range they are good foragers and less eaters. It is beautiful to watch these birds move around so gracefully and seem to keep themselves so occupied. They are simply happy to be a chicken.

The leghorn are prolific layers, highly fertile, and hardy. Leghorn chickens lay very large numbers of eggs – in fact, they lay as well or better than other breeds. These chickens are the combination of hardness, rate-of-lay, and small appetite. Pullets from this line will begin to lay as early as 5 months old. The hens will lay between 250-280 while large eggs per year. They do not go broody.
The farm breeds the White and Exchequer Leghorn.