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Photos of Breezy Bird Farms Amerauana Stock

Hatching eggs and chicks are offered year round when available


The Ameraucana chicken is a popular choice amongst many poultry keepers and is sometimes confused with araucana or hatchery "ameraucana or americana.  BBF breeds and offers only authentic heritage ameraucana chickens. We keep all colour varieties separate. Breezy Bird Farms self imported new color varieties in 2017. We remain to work with some older varieties that we have kept through out the years. The hens lay ample amounts of  medium sized blue eggs and are easy keepers. These sweet and docile birds also sport a pea comb and very small waddles which makes winter keeping easier in our Canadian climate. Ameraucana chickens have a beautiful curved beak, large eyes, and a red “pea” comb. This pea comb, together with the wattles and the round earlobes, should be red. birds can be used for Dual purpose as well as egg layers. Although in todays world, they are mainly kept for pets and eggs. These birds are not flighty and tend to be underfoot. They are vocal and curious of humans.
Ameraucana were developed in America in the 1970's from the Araucana breed. Hens lay up to 250 eggs per year.  Weight ranges from 4.5 lbs to 6.5 lbs.  These muffed birds also have beards.  
The chicks are sold unsexed only. Sexing chicks on the ameraucana breed is not possible on the farm. Hatching eggs are also sold when available. Like all of the breeds on the farm, the birds are bred towards a standard and not bred towards any feather sexing traits as seen in the hatcheries.
The Ameraucana is a great addition to any backyard flock. They add a beautiful touch to your egg basket.

Buff,  Silver, Lavender,blue,black ,splash, mottled. Please note not all may be available for purchase