Largest of all Quail

larger bird=largeR egg

Another name for the Coturnix quail is Japanese quail. The Jumbo Coturnix are the same as the standard quail except they are slightly larger.
Bred in assorted sizes and colours on the farm, the jumbo will vary in weight. The average weight  is now per bird is 400-470 g. Egg weight is 10g-14g. Eggs size is currently being worked on.Seven weeks old is when jumbo coturnix will reach maturity. If you are looking to process your jumbo for meat, nine weeks is optimal for best size. After twelve weeks, the meat may become quite tough. Pressure cookers are great for older birds.  limited space prior to processing will help keep meat tender. 

If you have limited space for raising meat birds, quail are a great alternative to chickens, ducks, or geese. Many people still hunt wild quail such as bobwhites, but for those who want to grow their own, the domestic Japanese Coturnix quail are the perfect option. Coturnix quail meat is low in LDL cholesterol and saturated fat; high in protein (compared to chicken); and contains niacin, and vitamins B and C. The meat is dark with a rich flavor similar to turkey meat.
If you are looking to incubate eggs, they take 14 days to incubate. Laying starts at around seven weeks old. They will generally lay an egg a day for two years. They will not lay during molt periods. You can keep a ratio of 1 male to 4-5 hens nicely. For mature birds, 1 sq foot per bird is a  minimum amount of space to keep the peace. 

Ongoing efforts are to breed the jumbo towards the larger scale, keeping health and other attributes into consideration. 

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