Customer Service

Customer Service feedback-- well Candace was amazing .She is friendly and passionate about what she is doing. will look forward to having the eggs . Andre R.

Cleo S - I hatched 2 drakes and 6 hens from the Khaki egg I got from you, nice ratio. Very hardy and am now getting 6 eggs a day. Thank you Candace, they are really nice birds, will order from you again.  

Maria M - Your ducks that I hatched from your eggs this past year are hardy as heck and a joy to behold. I am starting to think about buying some more hatching eggs next year.

Trevor P- I had 100% hatch!

Jill L- Just an update on the black leghorn eggs...16 very cute fuzzy chicks hatched today! 2 more potentials in the incubator. Thanks again :) 

Heather M- you for letting me have your chicks - I've done my very best to care for them. They are really healthy and happy - they love their fresh lettuce I grow for them and I gave them some cantaloupe melon when it was really hot yesterday. 

Thank you for the lovely shipment of Guineas. All made it safe and sound, and are still doing well this morning.
I cant thank you enough for such a seamless order experience and wonderfully healthy keets.
Thank you,

 Tanya F- I love my chicks, all grown up now, they are so strong and healthy and the girls are laying like crazy. I am so happy with all of the birds that have come from you.

Sandi R - And another successful trip to Rosenort to add some fancy to my flock. Love my crazy chicken lady! Always a pleasure Candace, and always worth the trip. Thanks again! 

 Danielle R - Bought some Blue maran hatching eggs (one dozen ) and all but one hatched! will be buying some hatching eggs in the future again!

Jen W - Love, LOVE my chocolate orpingtons I got from you! Super healthy, hardy little birds. I will be getting more in the future if you offer them again!!

Manon R - I have ordered eggs from you and have been 100% satisfied .

Larissa S -  Most of eggs i have ordered from you hatched. Love them.

Val-Linda T - Your birds are beautiful and your eggs are great hatchers. I've bought both from you and have always been %100 satisfied!

 Donna S - I have ordered eggs/chicks from you and have been very pleased.

Erica E -  This was my first year of expanding my flock and after my first dealings with you, I was hooked!!!! I have always had great hatch rates (and it's my first year ever using an incubator - so was expecting lots of 'user error') And even so, like I said, my hatch rates were always impressive and fertliltiy was NEVER a problem! I have learned so much from you and will continue to happily purchase from you!

Tara -  They arrived safe and sound. The are great looking chicks. Thanks so much, Candace

Marni G -  Hi, just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much we are adoring the quail chicks, they all seem to be very happy, and I am surprised and delighted at how interactive they are, and how it seems they have grown already in a day. I have told my husband to be prepared to build a larger structure as i have a sneaky suspicion that I really am going to enjoy this as a new hobby.

Michelle H -  Hey Candace.  Just wanted to thank you so much for the chicks.  My hen is so happy you would never know they are not her babies she's taken to them like a duck to water.  I was nervous when I put them to her last night but they disappeared under her in no time.  I went to check her today and this is her mum and babies.  I think she's going to make a great first time mum. I will be looking on your website soon as I'm thinking I want to add some quails to my flock of hens. Once again thank you so much.

Tara S -  Candace, your eggs arrived in beyond perfect condition!!! I am actually shocked there is not even one shell breach. More to the point these eggs are stunning! 

Bailey G -  Hi Candace,  I am just letting you know that I am very happy with the barred rock chicks and quail I hatched from your eggs.


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