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Can I pick up my hatching egg order or chicks from your farm?
Hatching eggs are shipping only. Chicks can currently be picked up. 
What methods do you use to ship hatching eggs? 
We usilize Canada Post and purolator to ship hatching eggs. Pricing  can be found at check out prior to purchase. Enter your shipping information and select your shipping method. 

Hatching eggs are in my incubator and some I received are not fertile. 
Eggs that show no development does not necessarily mean they are not fertile. Your eggs may have all been fertile.  Just because an egg doesn't hatch or develop doesn't mean it wasn't fertile. Not all eggs start growing due to many factors. This is all part of the hatching egg experience.  Especially with shipped eggs, no development is often just an issue with handling during shipping.  Fresh, fertile eggs that have never shipped hatch at an average rate of 80% or so. If they are shipped, that rate drop to an average of 50%, even when handled carefully! BBF does not guarantee a hatch rate just the same as you cannot when hatching your own eggs. These percentages are an average and also not guaranteed. Some incubations will have a better outcome and some will not. If you incubate often, you will sometimes have a great hatch rate and other times, you simply will not. 

My eggs arrived in the mail, can I put them straight into the incubator? 
 Hatching eggs should be candled gently with clean hands, Toss any cracked eggs. Let rest pointy side down for 12-24 hours prior to incubation. 

My eggs have not arrived in the mail and the tracking is not showing me updates. Will they be too old once I get them?
Please be patient. Canada Post tracking is not always updated. Eggs are all sent fresh. Continue to incubate them. The farm Does not replace or refund late eggs. 
Do I receive a tracking number?
Yes,a tracking number is emailed to you on Sunday or Mondays. Shipments are shipped Mondays or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday. 
I Paid for 3 day shipping and it has been 4 days. Do I get a shipping refund?
The day the package is shipped does not cound as a shipping day. If shipped Monday, 3 day shipping arrival would be thurdsay. If your parcel as not arrived and is late, please be patient. Delays Can happen in the mail and is out of the farms control. The farm does not refund or replace late eggs. 

I want to order chicken eggs and quail eggs. Can you ship them in one shipment? 
Sometimes it is possible, however, be prepared to pay a separate shipping fee  if you have ordered multiple breeds. Working with live animals has its challenges and it is not always possible to get multiple breeds sent in one shipment. 


Why is my order taking so long to be processed?

Please contact us to see what is available to ship sooner.  Ordering multiple breeds can result in long delays and may not be possible to ship in one shipment. Shipping cost is payable by customer for each shipment. Some breeds may also not be producing eggs are fertility is not optimal. 

I only had a portion of my eggs hatch. Can you replace the ones that didn't hatch with new eggs?

No. There is no replacement of eggs. If some, or all do not hatch. Due to the nature of the product, too many variables are at play that are out of our control.

Can I order chicks and hatching eggs via west jet in one shipment?

No. BBF no longer uses West jet due to the degrade in service and care of live animals the farm has experienced in the last two years.

I received an email saying my order is processing. What does this mean? 

You will be receiving your shipment shortly.It is either being picked for collection or will be shipped in the following monday/tuesday.


I tried purchasing hatching eggs, but at check out there is no shipping option. Do you deliver Canada Wide?   Yes, hatching eggs are shipping via Canada Post and puroltor, Canada Wide. Ensure you are filling out all information requested in the form in order for the shipping to be calculated. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact inquiries@breezybirdfarms.com.

Do you Vaccinate?
Our breeders and potential breeders are vaccinated with the ILT vaccination. This is a non shedding version, which the province of Manitoba only allows.


Can I visit the farm and see the birds? No, the farm is a private residence and there is no tours. Bio security is taken seriously and is important to reduce traffic. Also visitors can stress the birds out and interrupt laying.


I would like to schedule a phone call instead of emailing, is that possible? No, the farm no longer accepts phonecalls. Emails only. There is no staff and I am usually outside with the birds all day. Emails work best for me as I can respond when I get a few minutes.


Are eggs sold per egg or by the dozen? The heading or descrpition of the breed states the number of eggs. Generally all poultry eggs are per egg, except the mystery box which has a selection of how many eggs to choose. Quail eggs are sold generally by the dozen, except for the assorted packs which aslo has an option to choose the amount of eggs. 


I received my 6 hathing eggs in the mail. Why were They were not packaged in foam? 

due to the constant increasing prices of the foam pieces. The farm now has a min order of 12 eggs for the egg foams to be used. If you wish to order a foam with your egg order that is under the minimum requirement, it is available in the online store.


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