Selecting your Source for Poultry

Trusting a Selected Breeder 

When it comes to building a healthy and disease-free flock of chickens, selecting a trusted breeder for purchasing hatching eggs is of utmost importance. While many diseases cannot be transmitted vertically through hatching eggs, there are certain illnesses, like mycoplasma, that can have devastating effects on your flock and even spread to other livestock. At Breezy Bird Farms, pride is taken in being free from respiratory diseases and ensuring the highest quality hatching eggs. 

The Risk of Disease Transmission
One of the main concerns when purchasing poultry is the potential transmission of diseases. While some diseases cannot be transmitted via hatching eggs, certain respiratory diseases like mycoplasma can be passed on. This means that if you purchase hatching eggs from a breeder who has infected birds, the disease may show up in your chicks and spread throughout your entire flock. Such an outcome can lead to significant losses, both in terms of finances and the health of your chickens. Additionally, these diseases can also affect other livestock, further amplifying the potential damage.

The Importance of a Disease-Free Breeder
When selecting a breeder, it is crucial to choose one that maintains a disease-free environment and follows proper biosecurity measures. Breezy Bird Farms is committed to providing hatching eggs from healthy birds that have been tested and are free from respiratory diseases.  Strict adherence to proper flock management and regular veterinarian consultations ensures that our breeding stock is in optimal health, minimizing the risk of disease transmission. The farm has implemented new Bio secure rules to take in effect 2024 such as the removal of all pick up orders. This is to ensure that other farms do not bring disease onto the property.

The Role of Constant Veterinary Contact
Having constant contact with a veterinarian is essential for breeders as they can provide guidance, support, and conduct regular testing. Unfortunately, when purchasing from unknown sources, you may not have access to such resources. This puts you at a higher risk of introducing diseases to your flock unknowingly. By trusting a selecting Breezy Bird Farms, you can be assured that the breeding birds receive routine veterinary care as well as on site visitations, ensuring a healthy and disease-free lineage.

Advantages of Hatching Eggs
Hatching eggs are the preferred option when establishing a disease-free flock. By purchasing hatching eggs from a trusted breeder, you have greater control over the health and genetic quality of your chicks. Hatching eggs allow you to closely monitor the incubation process, ensuring optimal conditions for successful hatching. Additionally, hatching eggs carry a lower risk of disease transmission compared to purchasing adult birds, as they bypass potential exposure to pathogens that might be present on the breeder's farm.

When it comes to building a healthy and thriving flock, trusting a selected breeder for the purchase of hatching eggs is crucial. By choosing a breeder like Breezy Bird Farms that prioritizes disease prevention, maintains constant veterinary contact, and provides hatching eggs from healthy stock, you can significantly reduce the risk of introducing diseases to your flock. Hatching eggs offer you greater control, higher genetic quality, and a lower risk of disease transmission compared to other options. Invest in the future of your flock by selecting a trusted breeder for your hatching egg needs.

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