Coturnix Quail

Beautiful eggs deserve beautiful packaging. All our our eggs are shipping in professional egg foam packaging. Made right  here on the
farm. Farm data shows less egg breakage and higher hatch rates with our egg foams. Egg foams are available to purchase for those
breeders who also want to ship their eggs safely. quail egg foam shippers
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Coturnix quail are typically raised for meat and eggs. They mature quickly. You can expect hens to lay eggs as early as 6 weeks old! Quail are gentle birds that come in a variety of colors. They are easily raised in small spaces. 

Colors in our breeding pen: Tibetan, Golden, tuxedo's, Silver, blue,  white, lavender,Pharoah & mutated varieties. See store for full list. 


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Pickled quail eggs make a delicious and nutritious snack

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