The Basque is also known as Euskal Oiloa.  They are beautiful birds, with a slightly more upright stance than most other chicken breeds.  Basque Hens are amazing egg layers, they lay ample CONSISTENT amounts BIg brown eggs once mature. They lay well year-round if they are given extra light in the winter. Basques are a good hardy winter bird for a canadian choice. 

Basques are great foragers as they are quite active and like to keep busy. They are curious in nature and do want to check on their human keeper.  Basques are known for being quite fertile and the chicks are easy to hatch.  The chicks are strong, healthy and active. The extra cockerels are very tasty and reach a reasonable table weight about the time you get tired of looking after them.

 Basque hens are very friendly. The chicks are also quite interactive. Basques will eat from your hand as they are quite tame. They are also very chatty.
In general Basque Hens are pretty, productive, hardy and easy to manage for poultry enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels.

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