Auto-sexing chicks

 A cuckoo red partridge bird.  Bielefelder is a breed of chicken from Germany. Created in the 1970's by Gerd Roth.  The breed is highly reputed in its native country and command a high price. The breeds used to create the Bielefelder include the cuckoo marines, amrock, wyndotte and the new hampshire.  This is an Ultra MEGA MULTI PURPOSE Chicken. Eggs hatch out fluffy balls of auto sexing chicks. The birds  don't take as long to mature like other large breeds.  The carcass yields a good sized table birds and hens lay beautiful large quality eggs. You can expect up to 230 eggs per year. Birds weight from 8-12 lbs. 

Bielefelder chickensThe personality of the breed is a well natured bird.  We find they lay quite well and consistent. Hens like to share the same egg box with no fighting or squawking. Collecting eggs is a breeze as the hens are well natured and do not peck you. They do not tend to go broody. Adding additional birds to the pen can be done easily. The cock tends to his hens gently and watches over them, calling them frequently to eat what he has found for them. We have been raising and breeding Bielefelder for a number of years. Our farm was the first to import the breed into Canada. More and more Canadians are starting to discover this is a must breed to have in their flock.