Limitations on small orders

The farm does not have a limit on the amount of eggs you can order. It is up to the customer on what your budget is, but also customer responsibility to read and comprehend this information before buying to avoid unrealistic expectations. 

Ordering a Single Egg or limited amount under one dozen and Associated Risks:

When ordering a single hatching egg or smaller orders, it is crucial to understand that the chances of successful hatching are significantly lower compared to ordering multiple eggs. This is primarily due to the delicate nature of shipping and handling, which can result in various environmental stresses that impact the viability of the egg. Not all eggs may be fertilized which is the nature of hatching eggs. Ordering one egg may happen to be the unfertilized egg. There is no way of knowing and this is the risk you take when purchasing one egg or a limited amount. The farm does not replace or refund, as there is no way of knowing if the egg was or wasn't fertilized after shipping or incubation.  Refer to the terms for further information. 

Shipping and handling processes involve factors such as temperature fluctuations, vibrations, and potential mishandling during transit. These factors can compromise the structural integrity of the egg and reduce the likelihood of successful hatching. Therefore, it is essential to acknowledge the increased risk when ordering a single egg or a limited amount.

Benefits of Ordering More Eggs:
To increase your chances of successful hatching, it is advisable to order a larger quantity of eggs. When ordering more eggs, you provide yourself with a better opportunity to overcome the potential risks associated with shipping and handling.

By ordering multiple eggs, you not only increase the likelihood of receiving viable eggs but also enhance the genetic diversity within your flock. This can contribute to healthier offspring and ensure a stronger breeding program.

General Percentages of Hatching Success:
While it is difficult to provide precise success rates due to various factors involved in shipping and incubation, we can offer a general overview of the percentages typically observed when hatching eggs through the mail.

On average, the success rate for hatching eggs via mail ranges from 50% to 85%.  It can also be 0. There is a chance to hatch, not a guarantee to hatch. However, it is important to note that these percentages vary depending on multiple factors, including the breed of the eggs,  shipping conditions, and the skill level of the person conducting the incubation process.

It is crucial to approach hatching eggs through the mail with realistic expectations and understand that there is always a level of uncertainty involved.  

Ordering hatching eggs can be a rewarding experience for poultry enthusiasts. However, it is vital to recognize the risks associated with ordering a single egg/limited eggs and the benefits of ordering more eggs to increase your chances of success. It is important to understand that individual results may vary.

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