Coturnix Quail Information

Adding new Quail to your pen

Integrating a new Coturnix quail into an existing flock can be a gradual process to minimize stress and aggression. Here are some steps you can follow:

1. Quarantine: Before introducing a new quail to your existing flock, it's advisable to quarantine the new bird for a period of at least 2-4 weeks. This helps to ensure the new quail is healthy and free from any potential diseases that could spread to the existing flock.

2. Sight and Sound Introduction: Once the quarantine period is over, you can start the integration process by allowing the new quail to see and hear the existing flock without direct contact. Place the new quail's cage or enclosure near the existing flock's area, separated by a wire mesh or barrier. This allows them to become familiar with each other's presence.

3. Limited Contact: After a few days of sight and sound introduction, you can start allowing limited contact between the new quail and the existing flock. One method is to use a small wire cage or crate that allows the quails to see and interact with each other but prevents physical contact. This can be done for short periods of time, gradually increasing the duration over several days.

4. Supervised Interaction: Once the quails have become accustomed to each other's presence without aggression or stress, you can proceed to supervised interaction. This can be done by placing the new quail within the existing flock's enclosure for short periods of time under your close observation. This helps them to establish their social hierarchy and pecking order.

5. Full Integration: Once the quails have had several successful supervised interactions without any aggression, you can consider fully integrating the new quail into the existing flock. This can be done by allowing them to cohabitate in the same enclosure or by removing any barriers between them. Keep a close eye on their behavior for any signs of aggression or bullying, and be prepared to separate them if necessary.

6. Monitor and Adjust: After the integration process, continue to monitor the quails closely for any signs of stress, injury, or aggression. Sometimes, minor adjustments may be needed if any individual quail is consistently being picked on. Provide ample food and water stations to minimize competition and ensure everyone has access to resources.

Remember, the integration process may take time and may vary depending on the individual quails' personalities. Patience and close observation are key to a successful integration. If you notice any severe aggression or injury, it may be necessary to separate the quails permanently for their own well-being.

Reset the pecking order

Here at the farm, a technique is used that I will share that also can work well when integrating quail and this is the method used at the farm. Time is limited when breeding and so is space. This tip creates a reset in the flock and restarts the pecking order. It has always worked when done properly. 

1. As with the first step above, ensure all quail are healthy. Adding any quail to the pen that are unhealthy, struggling or weak in any way, upsets the dynamics of the flock and issues can arise. 

2. Take the new bird(s) that you wanted to add and place in a cage  or box with air holes where there is little light, but enough where they can still see. 

3. Add the old flock into the cage that is housing the new quail one at a time. 

4. Leave them for about 20 - 30  minutes. Ensure they are not too hot or cold. No food or drink. Check on them regularly during this period without opening the box. 

5. After the time has passed. Take one quail at a time, preferably the new one(s) first and place them back into the breeding pen. Ensure the breeding pen is changed up. Add different scenery, branches etc. Add hiding spots. Move items to a different location, like their drinking water and feed. Using a different cage, in a different spot with different scenery is ideal. This will reset the pecking order. This is a method to also try if you have aggression issues in your flock. 

Good luck with integrating your new Coturnix quail into the existing flock! 🐦🌱

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