Viking hens

 Go back to the 9th century with the icelandic chicken.
This old remarkable breed is a mainstay in our breeding program. This breed has been one of hte farms original breeds due to their hardiness, ADAPTABILITY and egg laying abilities.  They also come in an abundance of color.
Fertility is always good. Cockerels never challenge Humans and take very good care of their hens. Hens  can go broody and raise their own chicks. Icelandic hens can be easily broken of their broody nature if you prefer them to continue to lay eggs instead. They are very good mothers.
 Eggs are white to tinted in color. You can expect to receive approx. 250 eggs per year.  Eggs size is medium.
This ancient rare breed is considered a landrace breed. A colorful variety that varies in appearance.
 The Icelandic adapts well to a wide range of extreme temperatures. They free range quite well. Due to their flight ability, they can evade predators better than some other breeds.  Icelandic's are docile friendly birds. 
 Húsatóftir ,Hlésey, Sigrid and Behi bloodlines. These are not separated.