Jersey Giant

The Giant

You have asked and BBF has responded. New to 2021, the breed has been added to the line up due to many inquiries. The farm has sourced a beautiful line of Blue Jersey Giants. This will hatch out blue, black and splash just like any other Blue variety. 
Just like the name suggests, this is a large breed. The hens are quite good at foraging and will forage independently to find what they are seeking. They are curious and will seek out any nook and cranny they can get into. They are calm and like to do their own thing. 
In 1895, farmers referred to this breed as simply “Giants.” Some of the best specimens, during the breed’s early years, were to be found on the Jobstown, New Jersey, farm of John and Thomas Black of Burlington County. Their flock had so much influence on the breed that it became known as Black Giants, even though black was not the only color this breed came in. In 1917, breeder Dexter P. Upham of Belmar, New Jersey, added “Jersey” to the name and they soon were being referred to as Jersey Black Giants. By 1947 the white color was standardized and the breed became known simply as Jersey Giant chicken.
the Jersey Giant chicken was bred to produce large capons and roasting chickens to compete with turkeys when a large bird was needed to serve on the table. At this, Giants excelled, having a large flesh to offal proportion and very tender flesh.
  pullets start laying as early as six months and lay between 135 and 160 eggs per year — quite outstanding in a meat breed. The breed was a farmer favorite because it did quite well on feed rations that could be produced and grown on the farm and its massive size gave it good cold weather tolerance.

Male: Standard: 13 lb (5.9 kg) Bantam: 38 oz (1.1 kg) Female: Standard: 10 lb (4.5 kg)

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