ABelgian breed 

The Malines/Mechels was developed as a production meat bird in Belgium, which dates back to the 1800"s in an area called Mechelen, and its flesh is of excellent flavour and quality.

Today it seems only exists in a Cuckoo coloration, although in earlier times there were also Whites, Blues, Blacks and Hermin√©es (Columbian pattern).  Although white is possible to hatch from BBF stock.

The Cuckoo Malines is a large single-combed fowl of the Asiatic type, with light feathering on its legs and feet. Males can weigh up to 11 or even 12 pounds. The hens are fair layers of 140-160 tinted eggs.

The Malines is a massive bird. This breed is known as a great dual purpose breed: raised mainly for its meat, which is fine, pale, and close-textured and hens lay medium to large eggs. They love to forage, but can live happily in a spacious coop and run.  The breed is calm and gentle.

Malines are an excellent bird to add to your flock. Hardy birds with an impressive physical appearance. Whether your desire is to raise meat birds, harvest beautiful eggs, or simply watch strikingly gorgeous chickens actively go about its daily business of foraging in the grass, this is definitely not a breed to pass up. 

Fun fact: the chicks can be auto sexed at hatch. 

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