Easter EGGER

The exciting egg basket experience 

Green eggs and ham

Ham is optional and the green color is only on the shell. These blue and olive eggers sport various shades of greens and blues and sometimes other shell shades such as dark brown. Easter eggers are not purebred chickens. They are bred from purebred birds on the farm, crossing a variety of birds with specific egg color genes for a desired outcome.  The eggs are a medium to large sized egg. Production will yield approximately 250 eggs per year.
They  are mainly used for egg laying purposes, as their genetic make up is using light layer type birds mixed with dual purpose. Some birds  birds may have beards and muffs and other may not. Some may have feathered legs and toes. 
A popular choice due to the fun egg basket the olive egger can produce. The chicks hatch out strong and vibrant and are easy to raise.
They do well as free range birds and also lay and thrive well in confined areas.
Hens will begin to lay at around 24 weeks of age and will lay for many years.
  Chicks are sold straightrun only which means unsexed. Hatching eggs are also offered in the online store. Chicks and eggs are offered year round, providing the birds are laying.

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