Rhode Island Red

on the rise again!


 Authentic Single comb Heritage RIR are a stunningly dark mahogany red. Don't confuse these withe the well known orange colored  smaller bred hatchery RIR.  Heritage Rhode Island Red have become somewhat of a Rare find. However, they are back on the mend. The hens  are prolific layers, laying up to 260 brown eggs per year.  The eggs are large and vary with beautiful shades of brown and sometimes with a pinkish bloom.
This Hardy Breed is easy to hatch, grow and keep. Great beginner birds for those looking for eggs and meat. Also perfect for those looking to select and conserve a pure heritage breed that is in need of revival and is a delight to raise.  Despite their single comb, they are quite easy to winter in the Canadian Climate due to their hardy genetics. Whether they are in extreme heat or cold, they fair quite well.  Not only are they low maintenance easy keepers, the birds themselves are easy going.  These large robust birds are fit for the dinner table, free range well and will keep your breakfast table with an ample supply of quality eggs.  The breed is considered to be one of the most successful breeds of all time.