How to select Shipping options - Important read before you buy

It is important to choose an appropriate timeline when buying eggs. The farm is not responsible for delayed packages or incorrect shipping timelines chosen. Shipping timelines are not guaranteed and not refundable. Expect delays and choose a fast shipping. 

Eggs are not an insurable product by any carrier. Customer is responsible to follow their own tracking and egg pick up. It is out of the farm control for late parcels or delays or parcels being left outside and/or not being picked up in a timely manner.  It is customer responsibility to select appropriate shipping. Delays may occur at anytime anytime of year and this is at customer risk. 

How do shipping timelines work? If you select 4 day shipping. The day of drop off and weekends do not count as a ship day.  Drop off on a Monday, your parcel is scheduled to arrive Friday. 

Purolator Timeline on the store is not accurate and is an estimate only. If you want a more accurate timeline you must email the farm.

It is not recommended to select a long term shipping method for hatching eggs of longer than 4 days.  

There are tips to  Hatch your eggs using the late shipping guide under the links tab. 

Protect your investment by choosing the best shipping timeline

BBF is located in Manitoba 

Canada Post Expedited - ground shipping - only recommended for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and close  Ontario towns such as Kenora. 

A good choice if you are located in Manitoba.  Saskatchewan and any other close border province that states 3 day or less delivery. 4 day can be acceptable in optimal situations. 

Canada Post Xpresspost - This is generally 2-3 days depending how far you are from Manitoba.  The online store will state the number of days for this selected option once you input your address. Remember delays can occur.   New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia may often be delayed with this choice. Purolator is highly recommended for quicker shipping.

Many times shipments arrive early, however, it is not good practice to rely on this with eggs. 

Purolator Express - This is the best choice for New Brunswick, PEI , BC and Nova Scotia. It has been noticed that the parcels arrive more on time with this choice. Fedex overnight is another great choice. UPS has just recently been added and offers some quick shipping choices. If you would like more information on the Purolator timeline, please email the farm as it is not stated at check out due to no plug in app available for the store.  Provide your postal code and province to quickly receive this information.  Please note from January to May, there are delays in response time for emails due to high volume work and emails during this period. 

Yukon - only Purolator should be selected. There will be additional charges beyond the check out cost. Contact the farm prior to placing your order from the Yukon, as the cost can jump dramatically depending on the area. 

If you are concerned about mishandling of packaging through the mail, purchase the egg armour or other packaging options.  Rarely do eggs arrive broken in the foam but this can occur under any type of packaging. Keep in mind, it is never 100% and is a customer purchase risk. 

In addition, and also recommended for winter shipping, there is a new eggshell insurance the farm offers for purchase on most eggs. This covers cracked or broken eggshell during shipment only and is redeemable as a store credit for replacement on your next order. Photo Proof is required upon receiving the eggs. This does not cover eggs that are cracked or broken from unpacking in a harsh manner. The farm has a right to deny any possible fraudulent claims and will do so under farms discretion. Please note: the insurance does not cover loss of fertility for rough handling, saddled air cells or anything of this nature. 

No courier insures eggs. 

Late parcels are not applicable for refunds.  The business module in use is a non direct system software which cannot retrieve refunds.  

Once your shipping label has been created and your tracking number emailed to you, the shipping, address etc cannot be upgraded or changed in any way. 

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