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Alert & Docile

A Large dual purpose fowl that originated from Sussex, England. There are 9 recognized varieties.  The Farm offers Light and coronation Sussex. Their long and distinguished family background and kind and curious nature make Sussex chickens perfect for novice chicken keepers and those wanting a friendly hen to add to their growing backyard menagerie. You’ll never be alone with a Sussex chicken as these birds make wonderful companion birds. They enjoy being part of their beloved family, foraging alongside you and taking a turn about the garden grounds, but are just as content when mingling with their fellow fowl friends in the garden, the coop or the chicken run and finding their place in the pecking order of society.
The Sussex chicken is graceful with a long, broad, flat back; a long and straight breastbone; wide shoulders; and a rectangular build. An alert docile breed that adepts well to any surroundings, however they will mate and breed better in larger spaces rather than in confinement.  Hens can go broody in the warmer months. Hens lay large light brown eggs. The Sussex is described as a docile but confident and friendly bird that is easy to handle. They love to forage and are very good at it, gathering much of their needs from the garden which makes them thrifty hens. They are intensely curious so may follow you around, 'helping out' in the garden or waiting for treats. 

The Sussex was traditionally reared as a table bird, for meat production. In the early part of the twentieth century it was one of the principal breeds kept for this purpose, until it was displaced by modern industrial hybrid lines. It may be kept as a dual-purpose bird. Hens lay some 180–200 tinted eggs per year; some layer strains may give up to 250. The eggs weigh about 60 g. The Sussex is also reared for showing.

 Chicks grow quickly for a heavy breed, however the lighter varieties do grow faster than the darker.
Cockerels can be harvested at 6 months of age. Cockerels are approx 9lbs and hens 7.5 lbs. at harvest.  
BBF breeds light and coronation Sussex

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