Hello and thank you for stopping by to check out my website. My name is Candace and I run a small poultry breeding program in Southern Manitoba.  The farm is nestled in between fields of wild prairie grasses and ponds bursting with all kinds of edible fish. 

 I have been breeding now for a decade. I have been in love with poultry since a child. Playing with the farm animals including chicks and hens in Gilbert Plains, MB on my grandparents farm. This was my beginning of falling in love with poultry.

What I do is breed a particular breed that may be endangered to keep the population up. I also may choose a breed just because I think its fantastic. Sometimes I think they are all my favourite in some way. All birds are offered the best possible life on the farm. They are looked after daily. Water is fresh and kept clean. Bedding is changed frequently. The best feed I can source is used and supplements. They eat bugs in the summer as well as grass. All birds receive sunlight. The breeding set up allows for many benefits to the birds.

My mission is to populate Canada with beautiful birds, to keep them alive and abundant. Rare breeds are dying off around the world as the commercial industry takes over with the cornish cross meat bird. We simply do not eat heritage birds like we used to. However, this is slowly changing on some small farms. The taste and quality is simply not there anymore and people are wanting it back. Chickens have also become pets in many cases or we simply just enjoy their eggs.

Quality of the bird in type and health are also very important to me using selective breeding strategies. This is my full time life. My farm is not a big commercial operation. This is a small farm. If I am lucky enough to have summer help in cleaning pens, I am ecstatic. Not too many want to clean chicken pens these days.

Chicks and hatching eggs is what is offered. Sometimes older sexed chicks will be offered, but this is very limited as space is limited.  The space available is needed for my own personal grow outs as this is a non stop endeavour to keep choosing the best possible breeders. 

I hope you enjoy my website. I have built it myself and all the photos I also take of my own birds. Please do not use them without permission. Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by.   - Candace  _




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