Hello and thank you for stopping by to check out the farm. My name is Candace. I appreciate you taking the time to read this section. This farm is completely operated solely by myself and is located in Southern Manitoba.

The farm offers poultry and quail hatching eggs. The hatching eggs are shipped Canada wide. No U.S. orders are accepted. Chicks can be ordered for pick up.

In operation now for over 11 years.  Breeding is year round and are secure. Investments into commercial heating system keeps the birds and eggs warm during cooler months so that you can also obtain hatching eggs from the farm. Lets face it, our Canadian summer season is too short, so we must do what we need to do and get started on hatching at any time of the year.

 The birds are bred for health and vitality. I have learned over the years  that sometimes purchasing the best in show stock is that they often come with health issues.  This may look like: lack of fertility, vitality and longevity, even poor hatchibility and often the chicks have defects. This is due to only selecting birds for "looks" to win ribbons. This farm does not show birds due to disease concerns.

What I do is take these good looking birds and bring them back to life and also keep the integrity of their "looks".  Sometimes and it has occurred  where they are too far gone. I call this "the end of the line". Too much inbreeding is detrimental to longevity. I use a balanced approach to breeding. I also use the compensation method. Keep in mind, these are live beings. They deserve health and  care.  The feed and supplements used are also a step above. This is to ensure they are always at optimum level of performance, not just for production, but for themselves so that they feel the best they can. I spend hours also gathering wild plants  for them in the warmer seasons.  A garden is also grown for them with many herbs and vegetables that are beneficial to their health and wellbeing.

 If you have a chance to go through the website, I have written up descriptions on the breeds offered as well as a FAQ section. The store is for your convenience to know what is available and to easily order. There is also free information and links posted throughout the site to help you on your journey. There is tips and videos I have put together for you.

I hope you enjoy the website and the store.  Thanks for taking the time to read a little about what I do and offer here at BBF. I am very grateful for this opportunity to be able to share my beautiful poultry and quail with you. My objective is to keep quality poultry circulating in the years to come  and hope that I can make an imprint on future generations getting into poultry. Poultry has not only been the joy of my life, but has also been my teacher in life and therapy for the soul. I appreciate each and everyone of you that use the website and purchase from the farm.  - Thank you. 

Very best to you and God Bless


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