About the Farm


The sole mission as a one person operatoris to provide rare heritage hatching eggs, ensuring the preservation and promotion of these unique and genetically diverse bird breeds.

Saving heritage poultry breeds is an important endeavor that aims to preserve the genetic diversity and cultural significance of these unique birds. Heritage breeds are the result of generations of careful breeding and natural selection, and they have played a vital role in our history, providing food, income, and companionship to countless generations.

Unfortunately, many heritage poultry breeds are now endangered or on the verge of extinction due to the rise of commercial farming and the dominance of a few highly productive breeds. This loss of genetic diversity not only diminishes the cultural heritage associated with these birds but also puts our food system at risk.

By saving heritage poultry breeds, we are not only ensuring the survival of these remarkable birds but also safeguarding the genetic resources they possess. These breeds often possess valuable traits such as disease resistance, adaptability to different climates, and unique flavors in their meat and eggs. Preserving their diversity can provide future generations with a rich resource for breeding programs, research, and ultimately, a more sustainable and resilient agricultural system.

Saving heritage poultry breeds requires the collective efforts of farmers, breeders, conservation organizations, and enthusiasts. It involves education and awareness about the importance of these breeds, promoting responsible breeding practices, and creating market demand for their products. Additionally, establishing breed registries, conservation programs, and genetic banks can help ensure their long-term survival.

By choosing to support and raise heritage poultry breeds, we are not only contributing to their preservation but also advocating for a more diverse, sustainable, and culturally rich future. Let us embrace the beauty and significance of these remarkable birds and work together to ensure their legacy continues for generations to come.

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