Bresse chicken sports the national colors: red (comb), white (feathers) and blue (feet).



Bresse chicken originates from La Bresse, France. The french take great pride in their Bresse and command a high price to purchase one ready for your table. The quality of flavour and texture of this marbleized meat stands out from the rest. This is a gourmet chicken and is well known for being one of the best tasting chickens in the world.

Are you ready to raise poultry for the table the old fashioned way?
If you are aware of factory farming practices (see "Eating animals" on Netflix, viewer discretion advised) and want a better choice for your family, Bresse IS the #1 choice.
Bring Quality Food To Your Table!  It is said, you are what you eat...
Imagine a bird that basks in the sun, sleeps in the shade, bathes in the dirt and chases its favourite bugs during the day.
This bird pecks at whatever he chooses, whichever grass or weed tempts her. Scratches in the dirt or visits a fresh large acre pond for a cool drink of water. Happy birds that live life as they were meant to live. This is how we raise our table birds.
You can raise your own too! The Taste of Real Chicken Full flavoured Tender yet Firm Juicy Chicken with texture you had forgotten about, or perhaps never yet experienced or....forgotten.
Since the broiler dominance established itself in the last few decades, there has been a sharp decline in the growth of heritage breeds.
YOU have a choice! Be part of the movement for better raised food. 

 Hens can be vocal and will announce to everyone when they have laid an egg. Pullets begin to lay at five months of age! The farm has 3 breeding pens. This ensures a good gene pool to get your breeding stock underway with healthy robust chicks. To ensure you end up with the genetic traits that are integral to the Bresse breeding program.
They are easy to raise. Laying is consistent and they winter lay. Our egg color for our Bresse is tan to cream.
Weight: BRESSE HENS - 4-6 LBS
MONTHS Cold hardy: yes
Broody: rare
Friendly: Yes
Eggs per year:250
Bresse are the fastest growers on our farm.
The Farm now carries a new color variation, Blue! Although White French Bresse is most popular. The blue is more rare than the white and very difficult to source. All Bresse originate from france.
Bresse is globally known as being the best tasting chicken in the world. They are an amazing dual purpose breed. What an honour to be able to have a Bresse flock in Canada! Considering france only allows 5% export of Bresse per year. This is fairly a new thing, as they once refused to export this amazing bird. 
Breezy Bird Farms is home to the Canadian White Bresse. Offering chicks and hatching eggs year round, Canada Wide. 

White and Blue Bresse Available