Fluffy butts

Calm & Gentle in Nature

Orpington chickens reached America by 1891. In 1903 the creator of the Orpington, William Cook himself brought over a large importation and showed them in America.  
Orpingtons continued to boom until the poultry industry experienced a depression about 1912.
Orpingtons are big, friendly dual-purpose birds. They're friendly, calm and cold-hardy due to their fluffy plumage.
A popular choice today, but not so much for meat purposes as there were in the old days, but more for pets and eggs. They don't grow as fast as some of the other breeds, such as the Bresse or Light Sussex.
The birds are quite calm easy going with very fluffy butts. Their good looks makes them extremely popular.
Good layers of medium sized light brown eggs. You can expect up to 200 eggs per year.
If you are looking for broody orpington, the buff is the best choice.
Roosters can reach up to 10lbs and hens reach up to 8lbs.