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Loved by all

The Large Fowl Polish or Poland is a European bird. The oldest accounts of these birds come from the Netherlands but their exact origins are unknown.

The Polish is a  small bird that ranges around 4-5 lbs. They sport a beautiful crest of feathers on their head. Some call it a top hat. A small V shaped comb that will keep Canadian poultry keepers happy as the combs are resistant to frost bite. Their crests may need trimming depending on your winter keep. Small waddles also make it for easy keeping.
Hens are ornamental but will lay around 150 white eggs per year. They do not go broody. They seem to be more friendly than other light breeds and find them to be more curious of humans as well. They tend to quickly settle down if they are interrupted and get back to their business. They love treats and will eat what you provide. They have a very happy go lucky demeanour and always seem satisfied, but willing to take your treats. They are quite quiet birds but do forage well and like to see what is going on around them.  These are real pleasure to own on the farm, plus they look really cool.
The farm breeds blue and tolbunt polish