Streamlining Customer Support: A Focus on Quality and Efficiency

Running a hatching egg business at a farm is no easy task, especially when you operate as a one-person operation. As the owner, I have faced the challenge of managing time efficiently while ensuring the highest quality products for my customers. After careful consideration, I have made the decision to remove email support from my business.  

Limited Time and Efficiency:
Time is a precious resource, especially for a one-person operation like mine. With numerous responsibilities and tasks that need to be attended to, dedicating hours to managing emails becomes increasingly challenging. By removing email support, I can now refocus my time and energy on making the farm run smoothly and maintaining the quality of the hatching eggs. This decision allows me to concentrate on what matters most: providing you with disease-free eggs from healthy stock.

Comprehensive Information on the Website:

To ensure that your questions and concerns are addressed, I have compiled a comprehensive list of commonly asked questions and provided detailed answers on my website. This compilation covers a wide range of topics, including hatching egg results, late or rough shipping, and other frequently raised queries. By referring to this readily available information, you can find the answers you seek without the need for email correspondence.

Utilizing Internet Resources:
We live in an era where information is just a few clicks away. Many questions related to hatching eggs and poultry care can be easily searched and found on the internet. By encouraging customers to utilize online resources, I aim to empower them to find solutions independently. This approach not only saves valuable time for both parties but also promotes self-sufficiency and knowledge-sharing within the poultry community.

Order-related Communication:
I understand that there may be instances where you need to contact me regarding your order. There will be instances where you will be contacted by email regarding your order or may receive a personalized email from me. 

Focus on Quality:
Hatching eggs, by nature, come with inherent risks and uncertainties. While I strive to provide the best possible eggs, it is important to note that hatching is not guaranteed. The terms and conditions clearly outline these factors, ensuring transparency in our business practices. My primary focus is on maintaining the quality of the eggs and providing you with disease-free products. By removing email support, I can prioritize the essential tasks that contribute to the overall quality of the eggs. 

This decision is driven by the need to utilize time efficiently, provide comprehensive information on the website, and encourage customers to utilize online resources. By streamlining customer support, I can focus on maintaining the highest quality of eggs from healthy stock and getting your orders out on time.

 I appreciate your understanding and support as I strive to deliver the best possible products to you.   Thank you for choosing my farm and supporting rare heritage birds for your hatching egg needs.

- Candace

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