The extinct returns 

Once Gone, Returns

Pavlovskaya is rich in history and is one of the oldest Russian Breeds that was pretty much instinct in the 1880's. Recently Brought back to life by vigorous breeding in the 1990's. The hard work began by breeding a pure Pavlov Roosters to mixed  Pavlov hens (as that is all that could be found) and then back breeding to the rooster. The breed was restored.  Some historians believe that the Pavlovskaya is responsible for breeds such as Polish, Brabanters and Barthuhners.

These chickens originated from the times of Catherin 11 (1729-1796), an Empress of the Russian Empire. There's legend that the ancestors of this breed were chickens from Catherine 11's own poultry yard.

A light breed type,  graceful and elegant with a nearly horizontal body. A crest that resembles a helmet, a large beard and muff. The legs are short with breed-specific leg feathering all around the leg. We find their personality to be inquisitive and gentle. A pure joy to have the honours of owning this extremely rare and unique bird.

These special birds are extremely cold hardy and beautiful . Still very rare chickens and very few remain in their native country today. The do not lay a lot of eggs, so what we offer is limited.

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