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Offering Hatching Eggs & Chicks


Located in Rosenort, Manitoba. Shipping is across Canada. 

Sorry, No U.S. orders accepted for chicks or hatching eggs

Currently no west jet flight paths available for live birds to:

Abbotsford & Regina 

Hatching eggs are shipped every Monday. Tuesday if Monday is a holiday. 

Phone calls are not accepted. Emails only. Please note email volume are high and patience is required when excepting a response. Please check  prior to emailing the link page,faq or term page as this may answer your question.

Ensure ALL fields at checkout are filled out in order for the shipping options to display. Currently offering CP, Fed ex and Purolator for hatching eggs.

***Update April 12th***

There are multiple choices of shipping at check out. Please do not choose a shipment that is longer than 4 days. You will not receive an email regarding your choice and will be shipped via the method chosen.  For best egg Viability 4 days and under is best.

All those that placed preorder for Guinea fowl hatching eggs and Keets. Expect long delays with your orders. They will be shipped as soon as they possibly can. Unfavourable weather for has interrupted the laying as these birds live in a natural setting on the farm from March to October. Please be patient with your orders. Cancellations will forfeit your deposit plus a processing charge.





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