The most adorable pet chicken in the world


Is it really a chicken?

Here is an exotic beauty for you that may just make you wonder if its really a chicken. I can assure you, that they are truly a chicken despite their fluffy plumage and docile temperament.
 Silkie chickens are always very popular, Whether for your backyard enjoyment or for the indoor as a pet. They are also known to be one of the best brooders of all chickens. Don't expect many eggs, as they cannot wait to be a mom. Being a mom is what they do best. The cocks tend to look after their hens quite well. Some cocks may be a little over the top protecting their girls, but this is well needed.  Since silkies cannot see well, due to their large puffy crest, the cock tends to take over and is on high alert at all times. Their main goal is to protect their hens and hopefully have a family. Cocks can be seen encouraging their hens to lay eggs in a nest.  Silkies hens can easily fall victim to land and sky predators so a good protector is needed.
The hens are extremely gentle. Silkie hens are perfect starter birds for children since they are small (bantams) and easy to handle.
Silkies can be prone to leg mites that can go unnoticed due to all the feathers on their legs and the lack of perching. Checking on a regular basis and treatment can help prevent further implications. Building small perches low to the ground may help to reduce this issue. Nail clippers will also be required as they tend to need a little trimming now and them. If you find your silkie cannot see well, they may require a little haircut on the crest.
 If you would like to add silkies to your flock, be prepared for some heart melting enjoyment for the whole family. 

Currently breeding all colors in one pens with satin and silkies. Colors being breed are blue, black, splash, buff, white, partridge. 

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