The world most popular chicken?

Popular but RaRe?

Also known as standard Cornish. These are not the hatchery cornish but the original Indian Game, which are used in the created of the cornish. The Indian Game or Cornish is a Pure bred heritage bird and not the cornish cross this is so often confused for. These are COMPLETELY two different birds. The indian game can be bred and is sustainable year after year, unlike cornish CRoss.

The Indian Game or Standard Cornish can truley be bred without the legs, heart or organs giving out after only a few weeks of life unlike the common cross.
Indian Game make an excellent heritage flock for those wanting to keep there own flock to produce meat birds. 

 How can the worlds most popular chicken be rare?
Most will confuse the White Cornish X with the Cornish. You will notice in the online store the old variation of the breed name is used - Indian Game. This is to help stop the confusion for those new to poultry.
 The Cornish X is your supermarket chicken that is cross bred and manipulated to grow fast and to be eaten as a chick. They are only 4-6 weeks old. 
The Birds  BBF Carry is the Original Cornish. Pure Standard Bred. It is very difficult to obtain the pure White Cornish.
Standard Cornish which are also called Indian Game Fowl are slow to grow and can produce wonderful cornish 1lb game hens for your freezer.  This is valuable for those  who want tender breasty meat,  but do not want to grow them all summer long. For larger birds, this will take your typical 5 to 6 months of growing , the same as all heritage breeds. The Cornish is a game breed that produces ample amount of breast meat. Very dense chicken that appears small but is quite heavy and has very little down. So appearances are not what they seem with this bird. An excellent choice for those wanted to grow a more natural bird without the health issues. They love to forage and remain similar in behaviour to other heritage breeds. The birds are flighty and don't care much for  Human interaction until they reach laying age. They do not like to be handled and will stir quite a fuss. 

Start your own meat flock with an investment flock by purchasing hatching eggs or chicks. Chicks are sold unsexed.
The whites have been bred over the years by many breeders by adding in a variety of Cornish blood to keep genetics fresh. Therefor other Cornish colors have been added into the whites. You may see the odd bird with a black feather or some with red down wich will grow out to be white. These are pure birds with other cornish blooed added for Vitality and was to increase fertility.