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 Accepting Pre Orders now on Guinea Hatching eggs. Our hatching eggs are very popular due to the high genetic  diversity within our flock. Our flock free ranges daily. Eggs are collected in the morning and the guineas go about their free ranging ways for the remainder of the day. Lots of colors and low price. Get them now while you can. Order here! 

Adult Guinea Fowl FOR SALE! $35 per bird, random colors not including coral blue. Unsexed. Coral Blue Guinea Fowl $55 per bird. 

Rosecomb Rhode Island White. Started Birds, feathered, unsexed. $35.00 each

Jaerhon chicks  Started pairs $60

Croad Langshan started chicks sexed $75 per pair

 Double laced silver Barnevelder   started chicks unsexed $40 each

Started White Bresse Chick pairs. Sexed. 1 Pair $70, extra pullet $50

Started pair sexed bantam vorwerk chicks $50

Ready to lay ducks. Will be one year old in April. They are Cascade ducks from holderead farms from the USA. They don't fit our breeding program as they are on the large side so they are up for sale. $35 per duck. Females only. We do have an available Saxony drake. His colour is too dark for our Saxony pen very beautiful. Nice temperament and a large boy. $25.

Saxony breeding pair $150 point of lay. Direct import Pick up in rosenort