E-Transfer Orders

E-transfer orders have changed. The option is no longer available at check out due to too many orders being placed and not being paid for resulting in loss of available stock and valuable time recalculating the stock. If your requests falls on a Sunday or Monday it may be delayed for the following week. No pre-orders accepted at this time.

First and foremost, if you are new to the farms online store. Review and understand the terms on shipped eggs.

If you wish to place an order with the farm and want to pay by e-transfer please fully read and  follow these instructions for a swift and successful transaction. Please note that your request may be denied if the eggs you request have already sold. 

Send your order request along with your choice of shipping carrier, shipping address and phone number to breezybirdfarms@outlook.com. It is recommended to order the egg armour for the automatic eggshell insurance. This covers eggs that break through shipping only. Not hatch rate or content of the egg. 

Shipping carriers and prices can be found at check out by doing your own sample order and using the EXACT order you request. This will show you the shipping cost and carriers without having to place an order. Each egg/item is calculated by weight and size, so you must use the exact order you request for your shipping cost to avoid delays. Send your etransfer with your order request together. The eggs will be removed from the store once payment is received.  Only Use the order number for e-transfer answers if prompted by your bank.  

This email address is for order requests and payments only. No other inquiries will be responded to. 

Eggs must be available in the online store before you request.  The e-transfer address is: breezybirdfarms@outlook.com 

Please submit all required information to avoid delays or missing out on the eggs you want.  Eggs will not be removed from the online store until FULL payment is received. You will receive a store order receipt after your order is paid in full.   You will be notified if the shipping charge you selected requires adjustment in price. 

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