Put on your egg armour

Protecting your investment

Selecting foam for your shipped eggs is optional. Eggs shipped in foam is highly recommended. Here are some key points on why you should protect your investment during a rough ride through the mail. All foam used is brand new. 

  • Foam absorbs excess moisture. During shipping, there are temperature fluctuations that can cause moisture in the eggs. 
  • Absorbs vibration
  • Highly resistant to damage. Rarely are there any broken eggs. Broken eggs are not covered in shipping
  • Provides a stable environment around each egg. Fertility can be lost during shipping if the eggs are not secure.  Foam helps to further secures the entire egg.  
  • Superior cushioning. absorbs impact.
  • Adds insulation to help keep temperature more stable 
  • Easy to remove the eggs. No fighting the tape and packaging to get to your eggs
  • Reusable - great for shipping or transporting eggs 
  • Re-sellable - After cleaning disinfecting your foam, the product can be re-sold
  • Low cost. The price is roughly the cost of one poultry egg. A small price to pay for superior packaging. 

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